The Interlace wins World Building of the Year

Nov 06, 2015  |  SINGAPORE

The Interlace has won the coveted World Building of the Year award at the World Architecture Festival 2015, considered the Oscars of the architectural world.

WAF Director Paul Finch lauded the project, saying “The Interlace is blazing a trail with an example of bold, contemporary architectural thinking. The project presents an alternative way of thinking about developments which might otherwise become generic tower clusters. It’s a proposition which is fertile”.

The project was awarded top honors after a live judging on November 6 by a “super jury” led by renowned British architect Sir Peter Cook, who was quoted by CNN as saying: “I think you look for a power of impact. The Interlace makes a major urban statement. It gives you a horizontal city with the interweaving of space and vegetation. It’s a game-changer…something you’ll remember and go, that was when somebody first did that thing, of these blocks in the sky, with gardens on them.”

The three day festival held at Marina Bay Sands in Singapore, attended by 2,000 delegates from over 60 countries, crowned The Interlace with the top award, beating 16 other category winners from a total of 338 finalist entries after also winning the Completed Housing category.

“We’re honored to win this award in recognition of the social value and sense of community that our design creates. This project is a prototype for new qualities of dense urban living integrated with nature – it shows at a significant scale that something else than the status quo is possible.” says Ole Scheeren.

The Interlace, a 170,000 m2 residential complex in Singapore, conceived as a “vertical village”, features a network of living and social spaces within 31 apartment blocks stacked in a hexagonal arrangement around eight generous courtyards. The design turns vertical isolation into horizontal connectivity and reinstates the notion of community as a central issue in today’s society.

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The Interlace (翠城新景)荣获世界建筑节WAF 2015年度世界建筑大奖

The Interlace荣获被誉为建筑界奥斯卡的世界建筑节WAF的最高奖项——年度世界建筑大奖(World Building of the Year)。

建筑节总监Paul Finch赞誉The Interlace为“大胆、前卫的建筑手法和思想之开路先锋,打破约定俗成的塔楼模式,展现超越传统的另类设计思维,并赋予建筑异常丰富的内涵。”

项目在2015年11月6日向 “超级评委” 现场汇报后获得此最大奖项,主持评审的英国著名建筑师Peter Cook爵士对CNN表示:“我想人们在期待一种打动人心的力量,The Interlace在表现一个关于城市的宣言,营造了一个空间和绿化交织的横向城市。这是致胜的关键——当有人第一个将塔楼横置于空中,用花园点缀其间,这个项目会让你过目不忘。”

今年的建筑节在新加坡滨海湾金沙酒店连续进行三天,有来自六十多个国家的两千多人参会,The Interlace先在已建成建筑——住宅单元中荣获金奖,进而与从338个入围项目脱颖而出的16个类别的获奖者一同竞争年度大奖。


The Interlace是新加坡一个十七万平方米的住宅项目,以“垂直村落”为构想,由31栋住宅塔楼以八个巨大的六角形庭院围合而成生活网络和社交空间。设计解除垂直结构的孤立状态,消解成横向的关联,重组并解决当今社会中备受关注的社区问题。