Inaugural Beijing International Design Triennial 2011 features Ole Scheeren

Sep 28, 2011  |  BEIJING

28 SEPTEMBER – 17 OCTOBER, 2011,

Ole Scheeren was featured in Beijing’s first International Design Triennial entitled ‘Ren: Good Design’ at the National Museum of China on Tiananmen Square. His work, displayed in the gallery entitled ‘Reason Design Emotion’ was accompanied by a series of quotes related to the specific curatorial theme of this section: ‘Freedom in Architecture’.

“I’ve never seen the role of the architect as a problem solver.”

“I think, what we deliver is scenarios, and scenarios imply, sometimes, to create things that are not always smooth, that do not solve everything but also generate new frictions, new challenges. And I think that these are a fundamental part of advancement.”

“I see the contribution much more as a challenge of pre-assumed boundaries and a liberation from what seems to be unquestionable.”

“I think it is quite different if you actually are where you work or where your work is…if you confront yourself literally, personally, with the realities that a project ultimately entails. Not only in the context of its immediate work environment, but ultimately with its overall cultural context.”

“If you really look for something, you will never find it.”

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