Building the Future in Frankfurt

Sep 24, 2017  |  Frankfurt

RIVERPARK Tower, a spectacular residential high-rise project in Frankfurt, marks the first project by Büro Ole Scheeren to be built in Europe.

Commissioned by GEG German Estate Group AG, the project is prominently located on the banks of the river Main, and will emerge through the conversion of an existing office building. With a height of almost 100 meters, it will offer sweeping views of the city’s striking skyline and its riverbank, creating an entirely new quality of life in the heart of the city.

Architect Ole Scheeren: “This ambitious project presents a convincing example for high-quality living in a high-rise in Germany. By transforming a hermetically enclosed office tower from the 70s into an open, light-flooded residential experience, we demonstrate that the intelligent and sustainable reuse of an existing building can enrich the quality of life – not only in the building itself but also for its context and urban life beyond. RIVERPARK Tower will come to stand as a beacon for the future of Frankfurt.”

German Estate Group CEO Ullrich Höller: “RIVERPARK Tower will be defined by top quality in every dimension. This includes the location, the architecture but also the materials used, the state-of-the-art technical systems to be installed, and the sought sustainability standard.”

The international portfolio of Büro Ole Scheeren comprises city-defining structures and cultural buildings in Europe, Asia, and North America. Several projects are currently nearing completion: the Guardian Art Center (LINK) near the Forbidden City in Beijing; DUO (LINK), a large-scale mixed use project in Singapore, revitalizing a whole city district; and MahaNakhon (LINK), Bangkok’s tallest skyscraper at 314 meters. The Interlace (LINK), a residential complex in Singapore, was awarded World Building of the Year 2015.

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