Announcing Empire City, Büro Ole Scheeren’s landscaped high-rise ensemble for Vietnams next generation

Nov 15, 2017

Empire City, a spectacular ensemble of high-rise towers and public spaces, marks Büro Ole Scheeren’s expansion into Vietnam.

Sculpting a symbiotic vision of nature and living within the space of the city, this ensemble of three skyscrapers will soar high above a mountain-shaped, garden-like podium, reaching a height of 333 meters with the central Empire 88 Tower.

Hot on the heels of the recent announcement of Riverpark Tower in Frankfurt, this mixed-use project is set to become a new focal point of Ho Chi Minh City.

Developed by Empire City Limited Liability Company, a multi-national joint venture of prominent names in real estate development in Vietnam, Singapore and Hong Kong, this groundbreaking project further demonstrates Büro Ole Scheeren’s ability to shape new visions for the future, aimed at improving our cities and the lives of its people.

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