Dean & DeLuca STAGE

By Ole Scheeren © Büro-OS

“Food is essentially a social issue.”
“We create a scenario where celebrating food and its making becomes a highly communicative experience.”
“The Stage is both a universal object and a social magnet… it is dedicated to the interaction of people in any cultural context worldwide.”
– Ole Scheeren

Dean & DeLuca Stage by Ole Scheeren © Buro-OS_01_Stage Corner View_1
Dean & DeLuca Stage by Ole Scheeren © Buro-OS_03_Stage Elevation view
Dean & DeLuca Stage by Ole Scheeren © Buro-OS_04_Food Landscape
Dean & DeLuca Stage by Ole Scheeren © Buro-OS_05_Stage as Social Magnet
Dean & DeLuca Stage by Ole Scheeren © Buro-OS_06_Stage Plan
Dean & DeLuca Stage by Ole Scheeren © Buro-OS_07_Stage
Dean & DeLuca Stage by Ole Scheeren © Buro-OS_08_Stage Components
Dean & DeLuca Stage by Ole Scheeren © Buro-OS_09_Space and Object
Dean & DeLuca Stage by Ole Scheeren © Buro-OS_10_Stage and Envelope_1
Dean & DeLuca Stage by Ole Scheeren © Buro-OS_11_Stage and Envelope_2
Dean & DeLuca Stage by Ole Scheeren © Buro-OS_12_Topography_1
Dean & DeLuca Stage by Ole Scheeren © Buro-OS_02
Dean & DeLuca Stage by Ole Scheeren © Buro-OS_01
Dean & DeLuca Stage by Ole Scheeren © Buro-OS_03
Dean & DeLuca Stage by Ole Scheeren © Buro-OS_04
Dean & DeLuca Stage by Ole Scheeren © Buro-OS_05

Project Description

Dean & DeLuca originated in September 1977 when Joel Dean, Giorgio DeLuca, and Jack Ceglic opened their first grocery store in an industrial space on Prince Street in Soho, Manhattan. Through its relentless exploration and inventive definition of culinary trends, it has acquired legendary status as one of New York’s iconic food institutions and taken its place as a leading international purveyor of fine food.

New Format: Expansion
With the introduction of a chef-led fast food concept, Dean & DeLuca expands its existing gourmet market offering to create a new ‘small format’ that aims to offer high-quality food to a sophisticated audience across new territories in the United States and internationally.

Space and Object
In opposition to architecture, which typically creates both object and space, we are confronted with multiple, given realities: spaces of almost any kind and nature into which we project our design and our vision.

Instead of concealing these interior ENVELOPES through fake decoration, we decided to accept the givens – recognize existing spaces as ‘objets trouvés’ – and celebrate the authenticity and diversity of what we find.

Into this raw context we insert a singular refined object as an autonomous, flexible unit – perfected, optimized and globally multipliable across diverse contexts and locations: a STAGE for the presentation and celebration of delicate food.

A glowing, pristine object of polished stainless steel is placed in the center of the space: a theatrical STAGE for the presentation and celebration of food.

Stage as Social Magnet
Instead of a merely utilitarian sales and display counter pushed against the perimeter wall, the STAGE is a central platform for social interaction around the making and consumption of food.

The continuous discovery of ingredients and the visual experience of the staff’s mastery in preparing the fresh offerings change the perspective of fast food retail and redefine the relationship between customer and product.

The space is given a focal point, and the STAGE becomes the central energy center for a theatrical interplay of ‘actors’ and ‘audience’.

The formal autonomy and abstract identity of the STAGE allows its existence within the most diverse environments: the ENVELOPES of found or given spaces are maintained and stripped down to reveal their original local character.

Diversity through Local Specificity
The STAGE, as an emblematic and iconic object, defines Dean & DeLuca’s globally recognizable identity, while the found ENVELOPES embed the brand in locally specific contexts.

Through its highly reflective steel surfaces, the STAGE visually dematerializes and merges with the local ENVELOPES and diverse characters of global cultures, turning each site into a unique experience.

An undulating TOPOGRAPHY evokes notions of a dramatic landscape for the display and celebration of food and ingredients.

Food Landscape
The sculpted surface of the TOPOGRAPHY creates a multi-layered, high-tech food display system with the visual quality of a still-life painting.

Milled from a solid block of white Corian, the food landscape conceals state-of-the-art technology under its delicate surface, with invisible heating and cooling units supplying the different service sections of the MADE TO ORDER and GRAB AND GO lines.


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Design Architect:

Buro Ole Scheeren, Berlin

Design Implementation:

OS Development, New York


Ole Scheeren

Project Management:

David Moore

Project Leaders:

Brian Guze, Nina Sattler

Team (A-Z):

Jasmin Delic, Johannes Drechsler, Vivian Ho, Dayoung Shin, Yurj Zini; with Emma Aulanko, Horst Brandenburg, Dan Cheong, Adolfo del Valle, Alejandro Falceto Palacin, Laura Haas, Jonas Illigmann, Can Liu, Virginia Nunez, Kevin Ou, Marc Paulin, Nadia Ruseva, Sebastian von Stosch, Lilith Unverzagt


OHLAB, Mallorca

Construction Management:

InterServ LP, Los Angeles

Architect of Record:

Ware Malcomb, New York

Food Service Design:

Next Step Design, Annapolis

Food Service Equipment Fabricator:

Carbone, Massachusetts

Lighting Design:

Tillotson Design Associates, New York

Topography Fabricator:

Sterling Surfaces, Massachusetts

Stainless Steel Fabricator:

Stainless Metals, New York

Project Imagery:

Buro Ole Scheeren, Berlin/Beijing; XOIO, Berlin


Julian Faulhaber

Book Design:

Buro Ole Scheeren, Berlin/Beijing